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Start as Digital Marketer

A digital marketer is worked by using digital channels such as blogs, SEO, websites, emails, social media etc. They generate leads sales and build brand awareness for business.

With strong growth in online marketing and advertising, digital marketers are high in demand and can make a very high month on month income.

Skills Required:
● Great understanding of digital
media landscape.
● Good command over social media,
email marketing, lead generation,
lead nurturing, and similar channels.
● Good analytical skills to understand
the performance of campaigns.
● Creative bent of mind to think of
creative ways to engage people.

Essential Tools:
• A laptop/ computer
• Internet connectivity
• A business email
• Smart phone with social media apps
• Mailchimp or other similar email tools
• MS Excel, MS Word, MS Ppt
• An account on Canva or other
similar design tools

Earning Potential
A new digital marketer can earn
INR 20,000 per client per month of
email marketing and lead
generation services.
As you grow in the field, you can
work with more high-ticket clients
for larger ad-budgets and bigger
Eventually, you can easily make
upwards of several lacs per month.


▪ Take a digital marketing course on
platforms like Coursera, Udemy, or
Skillshare. You can even consider a
full-fledged course from UpGrad.
▪ Once you learn your skills, start
looking for potential clients on
LinkedIn, Facebook groups, and
platforms like Fiverr and Upwork.
▪ You may even offer a free trial to
get for first client, and use their
testimonial to look for other clients.

Blog by- Rutuja Rakesh
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Published by Rutuja Kolekar

I am professionally as student of Civil Engineering and I am passionate about digital marketing.

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